Autumn Detail in The Garden

I love it when we get one of those fabulous warm autumn afternoons… I think this is going to be a cracking year for autumn colour and the sunshine this afternoon has made the seeds and leaves in the garden perfect for taking some snaps…

  • Seed heads of the Agapanthus in greens and purples
  • Big bold black seeds bursting from the pods on the Tree Peony

DSC_0110  DSC_0050

  • The weird fan shaped leaves on the Ginkgo against the faded blue sky
  • Nature can really do colour! Bright orange seeds erupting from bright pink (and somewhat strange and phallic) pods on the Magnolia

DSC_0025   DSC_0105

  • Statuesque bracts(?) left after the flowers of the Acanthus have faded
  • The last Hollyhock 8 foot up!

DSC_0060   IMG_7098

  • Waxy yellow Japonica-Quinces fallen from the bush – don’t they look amazing – but what to do with them?!











  • The Snakebark Maple showing classic autumn colour in the low afternoon sunlight




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