Stunning Autumn Colours

Listening to the radio last night, they said it is going to be the best Autumn for colour since 2008!

Seemingly the combination of even temperatures across the summer and a mild autumn have created the perfect conditions for trees to show off their colours to perfection.

I took the opportunity this week to collect and press some of the leaves in the garden – I love the variety of shape and form, and the richness of the reds and golds.

(apologies for slight focus issues on the camera – not as crisp as they should be – hey ho!)



I think my favourites are leaves of the Geulder Rose (Viburnum opulus). This is a very ordinary hedging shrub which does reward you !

Shown here with the fiery Snakebark Maple (Acer capillipes)


Strong yellows on both Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba) and Orange Blossom (Philadelphus sp.)


….and finally great structure and colour from our wild rose hedge (Rosa rugosa) and wonderful stags-horn Sumac (Rhus typhina)



#autumnleaves #autumncolour #leaves



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