Roman Holiday: 3 of 3: Life Thru The Lens

It’s true. The world has gone smart-phone crazy!!

Rome is full of wonderful antiquities, but its even fuller of tourists; wielding their mobiles, taking hundreds and thousands of photos!

This shot is inside St Peter’s Basilica.

In the crush of tourists, people were not really looking at the amazing altar, but just snapping away trying to get a shot before moving on to snap the next shiny object!


In fact one step better than photographing a priceless artefact or beautiful view, is to take a selfie in front of it!

Yes the rise of the selfie stick!

It’s easy – just stand with your back to whatever you have travelled thousands of miles to see, and……

‘click’ …… it is obscured for posterity by your little smiling face!


…and now over lunch you and you friends can reflect back on of the mornings sights..

for instance the achievements of the Roman civilisation?

or the sumptuousness and craftsmanship of the Renaissance artists?

……. but NO, what better way to reflect on the morning’s sights than to hunch over your smart phone, posting, sharing, editing

…. and yes blogging (after all, that’s what I did!)


Rome is brilliant. Pack your comfy shoes, your italian phrase book and don’t forget your selfie stick!

#selfie #smartphonesociety #smartphonecrazy


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