Wet & Windy Weekends: Survival Guide Top 10


  1. Wellies! The ground is saturated. Don’t fight it, embrace it and get out there!
  2. Hat & Gloves: As the wind-chill kicks in you’ll be pleased to keep your extremities covered – and hey! who doesn’t look good in a hat?
  3. A Good Book or two: When you get inside you’ll want to curl up in front of the fire and indulge in a good book.
  4. A Big Mug of “Builders”: There is nothing better than Yorkshire tea (this is no time for a moccy-skinny-whatsit)
  5. A Head Torch: It’s getting darker in the afternoons – you don’t want to be stumbling as you put out the bins!
  6. Winter Warmers: There are all manner of strong dark ales to try at this time of year. How about a Porter? back in fashion and there to try. If you like something lighter, my most recent favourite is Morland’s Old Hoppy Hen – pure delight!

    IMG_7594        IMG_6083

  7. Cheese Scones: This recipe came from an old family friend (I think it was in Saga Magazine!). Whatever, it is simple and delicious! I would recommend you dial up the quantities of cheese and chives! :)
  8. Binoculars: For watching the world go by when it’s too cold to be outside. Your could spy on your neighbours; or as I have been doing, follow the murmurations of Starlings or follow the helicopters passing in the valley below.
  9. Porridge! At this time of year porridge rivals WiFi as the most fundamental human requirement. I prefer Black Treacle to Golden Syrup – but frankly anything goes. Some wierdos even put on Honey on (uuurgh).
  10. Satsumas: Back in season they are at their juiciest. The perfect pocket treat. Helps you get to your five-a-day. Little orange bundles of joy (well almost).


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