Blue Lights – they’re messing with my head

I can’t focus!

You will have noticed that there has been a trend over recent years for people to start hanging blue lights outside their homes at Christmas. In the past it was traditional to have white lights together with the classic red and green lights, but now it seems that is not enough.

Blue lights are definitely a more recent phenomenon – but something is not right! not only are they deeply naff, they also have strange properties which stop us being able to focus our eyes on them!

You may have noticed this yourself, and this photo clearly shows a blurry-ness around the light points:


So what is the science behind this strange effect? why are these creeping insidious tasteless lights messing with my head?

Allegedly according to the fictitious scientist Wolfgang Hausplarnt of the Frankfurt Institute of Light;

“ze short wavelengths in ze blue lights travel down ze optik nerve to ze cerebral cortex fractionally quicker than ze other colours in light. These lead to an effect that we call ‘refractionation‘ – which means it is hard to focus clearly. This can mess with your head and i vould advise people to lie down and close their eyes. Unless they are driving”

When this type of paradox occurs, it can be so helpful to be given a better understanding of what going on; and also to receive some sound advice.

Sadly Herr Hausplarnt’s comments offer neither of those things.



3 thoughts on “Blue Lights – they’re messing with my head

  1. Yes, too many blue lights starts to look a bit ‘ambulancey’. Soft candle-style light is nicer (or green lights if you want a colour).

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