2015 a year of great food!

‘Tis the season of entertaining, and sharing meals with family and friends.

With this in mind Coleshed is sharing a few old images of scrumptious food to get you taste buds tingling before you tuck into your turkey; or guzzle your goose; or indeed bite into your beef !! (LOL!!  – where is Frankie Howerd when you need him!)

You may notice.. there aren’t any photos of pizzas, pies and burgers – funny that! It seems that Coleshed doesn’t take photos of all the fast food! This is something to remedy for 2016. A news years resolution maybe?

IMG_6620 IMG_4049

IMG_4060 IMG_4295

IMG_0990 IMG_1078

IMG_1053 IMG_6053

IMG_6060 IMG_6577

IMG_6803 IMG_6805



One thought on “2015 a year of great food!

  1. Scrumptious. Must give you my latest favourite recipes – marinated curly kale with pomegranate seeds and chocolate mousse made with avocados. Mmmm

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