Bruce Munro: SOS Light Show

Well Christmas is a time for thinking of others, and Bruce Munro’s light show at Waddesdon has given real cause for reflection. Sharing here some images to give a little of the impression of the scene he created.

100’s and 100’s of tents stretching into the distance reflecting a time when the world has a greater number of refugees than ever before.

The tents constantly changed colour to the soundtrack of a fragmented radio broadcast, alternating between bursts of music and SOS in morse code. Powerful stuff and impressive both physically and in a thought provoking way…..

The last two shots in this post are an attempt to capture the movement and fractured-ness of the lights. A still-photo struggles to do this justice, but gives you an impression.

.. and of course the photos give only a part of the experience – since the soundtrack was equally important. Next time out, Coleshed will be armed with more than just a mobile phone!










These last two shots were taken to try and convey the jarring colour changes and the fragmented nature of both the colours and sounds.

It was a deliberately unsettling scene.

Disruption to make people stop and think……



Draw your own conclusions.



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