Readers of a certain age will remember the Raw Excitement they felt as David Coverdale bellowed Storm-Briiiiiinger on Made In Europe back in the early 1970s.

Well let me say, raw excitement is not the emotion coursing through the veins of team ColeShed at the moment!

Following interminable weeks of miserable wind and rain, it is time for us to head south to sunnier climes. A trip to the South-West to get some vitamin D on the skin. Excellent!

However watching the BBC weather last night Thomas Schafernaker looked positively embarrassed as he presented the weather.

70 mm of rain and 70 mph winds to hit the South-West. REALLY !!

Tomasz, it was like you were talking directly to ColeShed?

Raw excitement? I think not, Raw Misery more like !  :(  :(



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