Warhol: Andy Warhol


Warhol .. hole, hole, Warhoh….. Andy Warhol

So since the sad death of David Bowie we’ve been listening to Hunky Dory on repeat.  Those of you familiar with the track Andy Warhol will be able to hear Bowie repeating Warhol’s name at the start, correcting the way it is said (Warhol – like Hole, war-hoh, warhol).

Anyway if you don’t know this song, for goodness sake get streaming now!

How have you managed to get this far in life !


Back to the blog….

We have found ourselves humming this tune incessantly all week, having been to the Andy Warhol Exhibition at Oxford’s Ashmolean recently.

What a fabulous show!

IMG_8675 IMG_8676

It was an opportunity to saunter through the exhibition rooms, surrounded by various trendies and hipsters. All the people there looked like they knew their Andy-onions. Coleshed tried to avoid humming the tune too loudly, for fear of disapproving glances. Instead, focussing on nodding sagely, staring intently and adopting a learned manner ;). At least that’s what we tried to do!

Also thinking of growing a beard? did Andy have a beard? perhaps not?

Well it was well worth the entrance fee. It is a pretty extensive collection with some very familiar pieces. These included works from throughout his life from early screen prints, through the famous portraits, to the more controversial later pieces inverting text etc. A huge wall of large square portraits is the undoubted highlight and worth the admission fee alone.

Now of course you can’t take photos in the exhibition. Whilst we could have scoured the inter-web to share images of what was on display, that would be a missed opportunity!

So instead lucky reader, brace yourself, Coleshed has created a mini-homage to Andy, so you can enjoy some truly amateur doodling within the comfort of your own home!!

image    image

image    image


(He didn’t ever actually say Life’s A Beach, but it seems a very sound approach to life!).

So without further ado: get out there! tickets available on-line, show runs to 15th May.

Cole-Shed, Colesh-ed, ColeShed!



4 thoughts on “Warhol: Andy Warhol

  1. It’s amazing how good everyone looks in bright plastic colours, so instead of sending a selfie – ie. one pic of self only, and maybe a couple of hangers on – a whole montage of the same selfie – an entire wall of your own image! Warhol did that, and you’ll always know what Marilyn Monroe kind of looked like. Thankyou Worrall…..

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