An Artisan Education

An Education!
When ColeShed was given the opportunity to attend an evening event for sampling authentic locally crafted liqueurs made by artisan producers, it seemed a perfect idea! Indeed! What could possibly go wrong?

image  image
It seems, Dear Readers, that not everything in this world is free (let’s face it nothing is) – and this evening event came at a substantial cost.
The increasing levels of euphoria felt during the course of the evening, were replaced at seven o’clock the following morning by pure abject misery.

  • Pounding head
  • Rasping throat
  • Gravelly voice
  • Sweats
  • Shakes
  • Stomach cramps

……… almost certainly the symptoms of a dodgy sausage roll the night before (what else could it have been?). What a shame it took the shine off the 30 different drinks enjoyed last night.

The lesson? Just because someone is handing out a free sausage roll don’t take it. It might upset the fine balance of your constitution.

However, as stated earlier, this was an evening of education, so…
Things ColeShed learned:

Number 1: Rhubarb makes a fantastic addition to any food stuff. Strawberry and Rhubarb Vodka is a winning combo.
Number 2: Blackberries and whisky do not mix. Probably handcrafted by subversives?
Number 3: Sloe gin improves with age, and aged several years becomes a delicious, syrupy nectar
Number 4: No one in their right mind would add bacon to vodka. It is the incorrect application of logic to say that because you like bacon and because you like vodka, you would like Bacon-Vodka. Wrong on so many levels.


Number 5: If someone has labelled something Ukrainian Spirit, believe it and avoid it :(


Number 6: Sip-samples should be just that: sip-samples. They are not, I repeat not, shot glasses to be filled to the brim and chugged.


Number 7: There is no number seven.

Number 8: Don’t let the after effects of something you ate, take the shine off the many, many, many lovely beverages you enjoyed.






2 thoughts on “An Artisan Education

  1. Whatever Coleshed says, no way can he put the blame on a small well-baked sausage roll. The artisanal education experience was definitely enlivened and heightened by the right-on music and songs from the Kit Kats, Rocker Covers, and Pound Shop Glasses.

    Last year, we discovered – as with bacon infused vodka, that Mars bars don’t add anything delicious to vodka either. But successive rattlesnake remedies indicate that chilies can …. but beware, a full shot glass might be your last!

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