No one at Coleshed ever read The Secret of Killimooin



Despite a whole day remembering the title ‘The Secret Of Killimooin’,  it turns out that it doesn’t matter a jot. Its just not relevant!

It transpires that it was the book ‘The Secret of Moon Castle’ that had the ruined castle on the cover!



… which brings us inexorably to the subject of this post :



A recent visit to a ruined castle in Devon, put The Coleshed team in mind of all sorts of childhood tales of spooky ruins and what-not!
This castle is at Berry Pomeroy, and is a properly classic ruin.

In its ruined state it is both dramatic and romantic in it’s isolation, especially when viewed from the valley floor.

Having read up a little on the subject, Coleshed has ascertained that the castle was originally built by associates of William the Conquerer, in mediaeval times, before being acquired by the first Duke of Somerset (and Lord Protector)in 1548. However when one of the descendants , an Edward Seymour, became speaker of the house of commons it was decided that the castle was too remote (being 10 days ride to Westminster) so the family dismantled most of it around 1688 and built another house in Wiltshire.

Cool place. Very atmospheric. Nice Cafe!!


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