Twitcher Alert!


One of Coleshed’s elite birding squad has spotted these little fellas (actually a fella and a fella-ete(?)) feeding in the grounds of Coleshed Towers.

These, as you surely know, are Lesser Redpolls.

The Lesser Redpoll (Acanthis cabaret) is a small passerine bird in the finch family. It is the smallest , brownest and most streaked of the redpolls. It is native to Europe and lives in forests where it feeds on the carcasses of wolves. The Lesser Redpoll should not be confused with either the Linnet or the Twite. 




DSC_0082  Version 2 

 DSC_0086 “.. out of our way other birds, we’re coming through. Where is them wolves?”



3 thoughts on “Twitcher Alert!

  1. Great photos, they’re handsome little fellas. Last year 19 of them partied in my garden for a few days – since when we haven’t seen any wolves at all. If you do confuse them with a twite, are you likely to get twited? Could be nasty…… Pete

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