Textures in brick : Rushbeds railway bridge

Its the sort of thing you pass everyday without even a glance.

Yet stopping this morning to look at the brickwork on this old railway bridge there is so much detail to see.

The brilliant sunshine helped to reveal different colours and the dark steel grey of the engineering bricks is offset by the perfect blue sky or the vibrant green mosses.

It was only by stopping that you see that every tenth brick on the top is stamped CAKEMORE. You bet no one passing has ever noticed.

A little web research reveals that these came from the Cakemore brick works near Rowley Regis, west of Birmingham city centre. A Colliery in this location was started sometime around the 1860s, and worked a thick seam of Coal. The owners, The Cakemore Colliery Company, discovered a rich seam of Blue Grey Clay, and so started a brick works on this same site.

No point searching for the Cakemore Brickworks now, mind.

It was fairly obliterated when they built the M5 !



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