Swooping and screeching


So whilst decamped to Seville to chase the Spanish sunshine and banish the rainy-day blues of Britain, Coleshed has been admiring those ariel acrobats; those dashing daredevils; those swooping,soaring, screeching swifts that fill the skies in the historic city in the early evening.

These wonderful birds are so joyous – as they chase each other in little packs, dancing between the church towers, diving through narrow gaps and soaring over rooftops.

All the time they screech as if children excited by the chase. Often is is young birds following the adult parent birds, learning the craft of flight.

As you look up, there are large groups of birds high in the sky, as well as the smaller groups close to the buildings searching for insects on the wing.


Crowds of tourists are constantly gazing upwards, taking snap after snap with their mobiles as they stand under the towering cathedral, but you sense that they are looking but not seeing and they don’t seem to notice the crescent shapes darting through the sky all around.

The swifts are characteristic of many historic cities, which have old buildings with plenty of nest sites (holes and crevices) high up on the walls.

One memorable location was Dubrovnik, where Alpine Swifts (nerd fact: the larger cousin to the common swift) fill the skies in the old city squares on warm summer evenings.

Enjoy the photos of blue sky.

If you squint you might make out a blurred crescent shape. And If you emit a high screech you could almost be there yourself !






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