Tiles of Seville

Seville has one of the largest old-towns in Europe. It is crammed full of palazzos, churches and courtyard squares; all full of colour and life. With over 500 years of Moorish rule (from the 8th century) and a further 800 years of Christian rule (including the Renaissance and Golden Age), it is not surprising that Seville has a rich mix of influences in the style of the city and its architecture.

But who knew that the Sevillanos like a tile as much as they do?

OMG they LOVE their tiles…. really love them. A lot.

Coleshed has a theory that, at some time in the past, there must have been some form of tile addiction, and they made so many they had to put them everywhere!

Take a look at these beauties!

IMG_0512  IMG_0507



IMG_0193 IMG_0356 IMG_0253


You can see the Moorish influence in many of these designs, not just the stars, but the complex, geometric designs, which create incredibly intricate, repeat patterns. The British Museum has published books on analysing these patterns (fact!).

IMG_0515  IMG_0521IMG_0284IMG_0534IMG_0285IMG_0287

PLUS ULTRA is the national motto of Spain, literally meaning ‘further beyond’. It represents Spain’s ambition to be a world power from the time of Christopher Columbus.



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