Passion for Ceramics (pt2)

Seville’s passion for ceramics goes far beyond tiles.

Across the whole city there are monuments, fountains, benches and even bridges in decorative ceramics….

Here are some of Coleshed’s favourites, counting down from 6 to 1 !!

At number 6, it’s the planters:


..and at number 5, it’s tiled benches:


Number 4 all those decorative flourishes:


Number 3 … only in Seville:

Bridges of ceramics (the work involved! they must have had an army of craftsmen)


At number 2… intricately decorated balustrades

#1: which brings us to Coleshed’s favourites (if you have scrolled down this far!).

It’s the fabulous fountains (especially with pigeons!)



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