Isn’t it fantastic! the idea that there are things in remote places that have not ever been seen and so have no identity. (That is, no name or human identity). Somethings can exist, even if no one knows of its existence…

Take the words of Ivor Cutler:


… and think back to the 17th and 18th centuries and the Age of Enlightenment. There came a much greater focus on science and philosophy (what do you mean this is over-simplified!), and an awareness of the world around us.

To follow the thread of Cutler’s poem above, picture the great scientists and naturalists discovering things on Britain’s shores and finding that sailors had long given creatures naive or romantic names based on folklore and tradition, for example:

Mermaid’s Purse; the egg case of a dogfish


Aristotle’s Lantern; the mouthpart’s of an edible sea urchin


Sea Potato; the test (or exoskeleton) of a sea heart, originally covered in spines


Turban Top; (or Great Top) the shell of a marine gastropod mollusc



Yet now we live in  this bright and inspiring world .. sad to think that should someone stumble across an, as yet undiscovered, thing of beauty, some idiot will choose to name it “Fishy-McFish-Face / Shelly-McShell”  or something equally stupid !

Come back the Age of Enlightenment and more innocent times.





4 thoughts on “What?

  1. Indeed, the need of man to name everything can be a bit tiresome, especially if you have forgotten to aforementioned name!! As from now, I am going to take pride in not knowing what anything is called…see what happens!

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