The Ingredients of a Summer Holiday

So you are venturing some where hot and you want to kick back and relax?

Here’s Coleshed’s two minute guide to the essentials:



  1. Flip Flops. Give your feet some air. Easy to slip on and off, as you move between land and water.
    Equally at home in your fave, fine-dining taverna; or for that late night session in the sing-along-a-Irish pub (its a good craic mate!)

  2. The old battered Penguin book you’ve had for years but never got round to reading. Go on pack it. You’ll be pleased you did. Oh, and guess what? It was great!

  3. Sunglasses. Essential kit. Both practical and effortlessly cool.

  4. Keys for the hire car. Don’t lose them on the beach. Modern keys have batteries in them for the central locking. Why don’t they come up with waterproof keys? (See snorkelling below)

  5. Snorkel. Yes at Coleshed there is a bit of a continuing theme of the sea etc. Well take your snorkel when you go away.
    Cold water or warm water can be equally good. Endlessly absorbing, facinating, relaxing, and a great way to get your back sunburnt. Ouch!

  6. Treasures from the sea. All the stuff you have found on the seabed and can take home. Sea urchins, shells, stones with holes in them! Your friends will not care, but you will feel proud inside.

  7. Sun Cream. Stay safe. Factor 30. That lily white skin just ain’t used to the sun is it!

  8. iPod* and headphones. When you have retired to the sunshade:
    Turn On. Tune In. Fade Out. 
    Downloads of most recent albums (currently Coleshed is listening to the new Jake Bugg and Tom Odell) or a podcast for variety (still loving Count Arthur Strong – though you get funny looks if you laugh too loud!)

  9. Suduko: preferrably not on a scrappy little piece of damp paper. But good to keep those brain cells moving, and not lost in a haze of summertime drinks.


Hey! – send Coleshed a postcard!

*do you remember them!?


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