Old Keys




A tin of old keys? Sort of spark’s your interest and imagination. Where are they from? what secrets do they unlock?

Such a world away from where we are now: We live in a world  where our finger-print is the security to access our hand held computer (Apple Touch ID),  where biometrics enable facial recognition (at passport control). Paying for something just needs a wave rather than a signature (credit card wave&pay)!

And so finding a tobacco tin full of keys, is like a journey to a bye gone age.

For many people new technology lacks soul or authenticity. There is a bit of a trend to ‘find ourselves’ again – a joy to be had living “off grid”and doing stuff ‘for real’.

These keys certainly have soul: all that care taken to label each one; carefully written in fountain pen!

The boxes and bags and cases may be long gone; but the keys will not be thrown away! Funny that. Sentimental.


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