Dinosaur Calamari

There’s this bit of gravel by some steps near here, which we’ve walked up a thousand times!

Today, stopping to pick something up, Coleshed spied a fossil amid the pebbles! and then another…. and then another!

In the space of 30 seconds seven fragments of Belemnite!

This may not sound so special? In fact they don’t look much to start with… But don’t be hasty – just think this is dinosaur squid!

image image

Firstly a bit of cleaning up works wonders.

Now don’t try this at home (AS THIS IS POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS)

…. However  back at Coleshed Towers (we donned protective garb and) gave them a quick dip in our acid bath.


Beneath 165 million years of scuffs, they are Looking Good!

So what the heck are Belemnites? Well they were a genus of cephalopods which looked broadly like little modern-day squids and lived in the oceans c.165m years ago. That is properly old!

The fossils are about the size of thick stubby pencils are the hardened remains of the pointed, rear-end of the squid.

Here are a few more collected at Charmouth years ago – well known for being a fossil beach – on Dorset’s Jurassic coast no less.









3 thoughts on “Dinosaur Calamari

  1. How did you know so much about prehistoric squids that you can recognise their fossils amongst the gravel? Very impressed. When ploughing has turned the earth in fields around Brill, wander over them and you’ll find unbroken fossils of ancient clams, cockles and other shellfish.
    And …. I hope you’ve washed all the acid out of your bath before one of your guests sink into it!

  2. Thanks Pete. They were only in one place it was very surprising! There are plenty of fossil shells in gravel too (cockles, dog whelks winkles), but not seen them in ploughed fields. Eyes open!

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