OUM Part 2: Bugs and Beasties

There is a fantastic exhibition on, right now, at The Oxford University Museum.

A very talented chap called Levon Biss has looked at the amazing collection of beetles, weevils, chaffers, dragon-lets etc and set out on a quest to illustrate their ‘microstructure’.

By means of layering multiple (like 8000!) photographs, taken through a microscope, with stroboscopic light – phew – he has created some incredible images. These are reproduced in the museum on startling panels, 8ft high.

In the images you can see all of the microscopic hairs, scales, ridges and pits that you never knew existed; shedding new light and intense colours on these insects.

The collection of bugs and beasties is fabulous anyway, but Levon’s work is incredible.

Now Coleshed is not a hotbed of interest in insects. To a certain extent we believe in live and let live (with a few exceptions). However this exhibition has really impressed – Quite spectacular! It has definitely brought out the inner-geek!

See below: Part of OUM’s collection of bugs and beasties

Scroll further down: Small sections of a few of Levon’s images (didn’t want to spoil it by showing the whole, look so much better when viewed huge!)




image  image

image  image




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