Dartmoor: River Avon in spate


Following days of heavy, heavy rain, the River Avon was turned into a torrent today.


This river is normally a tranquil place, with peaty brown waters sliding over the rocks and flowing lazily through limpid pools

– it is just the sort of place you might fancy for an al fresco swim!

But not today! with the heavy rainfall draining-off from the moors above, the waters were crashing violently and noisily over the rocks and through the narrows. Thrilling to watch whilst standing on slippery, moss covered rocks; balancing a camera in one hand and an energetic dog in the other. Where are Health and Safety when you need them!?

Higher up the valley, the waters were over-spilling the Avon Dam and thundering into the pool below. Compare that to a few weeks earlier!

img_4210  img_3722

The reservoir above the dam was astonishingly tranquil despite the furore below. It had been raining continuously for hours before this photo was taken, yet in the gap between downpours, it was just as picturesque as on a sunny day (below).img_4218

A few weeks earlier, and with the water level a little lower (note: foreshore un-covered):img_3725



5 thoughts on “Dartmoor: River Avon in spate

    1. Thank you. Not easy to capture e force in a photo – particularly when try not to slip into the water! I took a bit of video too as the noise was thunderous and really added to the atmosphere- but sadly unable to load this onto the blog.

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