Hunkering Down for Christmas


Oh yes here we go again.

But don’t fight it, embrace it.

Here are a few essentials to ensure that Christmas goes with a bang and not a whimper :)

  1. Satsumas. Big, fat, juicy, mellow, delicious satsumas. (Not little, mean, dry clementines that the Supermarkets push at us).
  2. Bobble hat. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.
  3. Batteries. Who knows what Father Christmas might bring? Plus essential for the TV remote. See #4 below.
  4. Radio Times. You have to know when Sherlock/Kung Fu Panda/Coronation Street*(*delete as appropriate) is on.
  5. Axe. You may need to settle a few family arguments chop some more kindling to light a roaring fire (Health & Safety Notice: Coleshed recommends only lighting a fire if you have an open fire or a wood burner).
  6. Scissors: Essential present wrapping kit.
  7. Sellotape: As per 6 above. (note: other brands of tape are available – but hey we call them sellotape too!).
  8. Brand new bottle of port. Hide this behind the recipe books or else your friends & relatives will deprive you.
  9. Le Petit Chambord: Essential with Champagne on Christmas morning if you want to feel a bit special (and woozy).
  10. Letter knives: to slice open the piles and piles of christmas cards that only exist in your imagination. The truth is that you may get a couple of cards, but email and the price of a stamp has sadly put paid to this tradition.
  11. Holly and Ivy: A little festive decoration to cheer up your home on these dark, wet days. Traditionally scavenged from a neighbour’s garden.
  12. Cloves, Nutmeg and Cinnamon: Lovely warming spices… just think…mulled wine…honey roast ham….pannetone…..mince pies …..Lebkuchen…..rice pudding….pastries…. mmmmmm :).
  13. Callipers: Just in case you need to settle an argument over who has the biggest walnut.










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