Years of Living ‘Englishly’. Part 1.

OMG the media is full of it at the moment.

Those poor Danes enjoying their life, quietly, without a fuss…. and then (for the last twelve months or more) the media here create a big fuss over Hygge. Of course the media objective is to start a new trend or a buzz – to sell more magazines and TV programmes and books – but honestly Hygge is nothing new to the Danes and the philosophy is nothing new to most of us either!

Are you in the same place as us at Coleshed?

Thinking: why all the fuss? its what we’ve always done! enjoying those little moments, and enjoying the good things in life. Sounds rather British!

So here at Coleshed we have delved into the archives to celebrate our own Homage to Hygge (and to the lovely, like-minded Danes) because this is all we’ve ever known.

This is the first in the series.

We start with the snappily titled:

“Enjoying a drink whilst looking at the view and watching the world go by”.

Enjoy as much as we at Coleshed did!

St Ives Holiday Jul Aug 2013

a mid-afternoon snifter overlooking the turquoise waters of St Ives Bay


watching the sun go down turning the sea to liquid silver (enhanced by a small Pinot!)

North Cornwall August '10

A pre-prandial glass of something…


And a post-prandial glass of something else…..



People watching at Raoul’s. Really? Is she going out with him? etc etc (people not shown!Ha!)





Note: Whilst ‘Enjoying the moment’ healthy options are available…… though you might not enjoy the moment half as much as with a pint of Bettys and a scone.



It’s all about enjoying the moment. And at that moment the Hot Chocolate tasted as if it had been made by God’s own angels (though actually by a scruffy lad called Luis). The Chelsea Bun was an extra and replaced three meals #enormous!


There are some times when a cup of tea is the only thing that will do. (though not often, as beer and wine are so very flexible on these occasions :):) )


You never tire of watching the sun set :)



8 thoughts on “Years of Living ‘Englishly’. Part 1.

  1. Haha! I didn’t even know what Hygge was! (I must live under a rock, or maybe America has something to do with it). Coincidentally though just yesterday a friend posted an Instagram of a Hygge book. I have since read a very lengthy article on the subject by the Guardian and have now caught up with the world. Good views and nice drinks 😉

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