Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream..

Revolution? Records and Rebels 1966-1970

Now showing at the V&A in London-Town

ATTENTION! If you are into your music and you like a bit of culture /kulcha (innit)/ then this is one for you!

At Coleshed, we LOVE music and we LOVE culture; but to be honest, we’re not very highbrow… What we mean is;  we love pop music and we love popular culture. Perhaps we are rather low-brow? (Perhaps low-brow is the new high-brow?).

Anyway we think this is a fantastic exhibition.

It brilliantly uses music to help trace the way that changing attitudes impacted all parts of people’s daily lives across these amazing, few years. Think of the ‘rebels’ of the time.. Andy Warhol, Che Guevara, Martin Luther King,  John Lennon, Twiggy, Germaine Greer, Timothy Leary, Jimi Hendrix…..what a melting pot!

As you enter, each visitor is armed with a pair of blue-tooth activated headphones which play different songs triggered as you pass the different displays and as you move through the rooms. This provides a continuously changing soundtrack of some of the most evocative music of the time.

It is simply impossible not to come away humming ItchyCoo Park or Waterloo Sunset.

The exhibition covers seven (or was it nine? hmm?) ‘revolutions’ taking place in the second half of the 60’s; including Politics, Music-Culture, Fashion, Advertising, Protest, Woodstock and ends with the Gathering Clouds (of change). Each section is lavishly illustrated with original material (art work, posters, clothing) – all of which has a story to tell. You could easily spend three hours there if you wanted to!


Cool stuff worn by cool people :)


John Peel’s album collection used to source original covers – inc. some very cool stuff!



Brilliantly curated displays with impeccable notes



Formal definition of culture:

the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively

Coleshed definition of culture:

loud music and colourful cool stuff


Original lyrics to ‘Help’

The Beatles feature quite prominently. Scanning the ‘tinternet earlier we read:  The Beatles exemplified changing cultural dynamics, not only in music, but fashion and lifestyle. Over a half century after their emergence they continue to have a worldwide cultural impact. 

This is undoubtedly true. Although not everyone at Coleshed even likes The Beatles (really? Ed), we all recognise that they made a global impact even greater than that of enormous talents such as Justin Bieber.

Go see the show. It is not on for too much longer.

Warning: Exhibition contains Sex, Drugs and Rock’n’Roll


Fave Beatles track: I Want You (She’s So Heavy)






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