Topsham Quay – rich and silky just like a Shiraz Grenache Tempranillo

So, we asked thousands of arbiters of taste what it is that makes a great day out? and we also invited some lucky volunteers along to a focus group with our chief blogging quorum here at Coleshed. The result is this rich and silky blog.

So what of it?

Well, who would have thought that a small town called Topsham could be so great. An amble along Shore Street takes in a very pleasant scene, with plenty of interest for the passing blogger.

Topsham lies on the River Exe, just outside of Exeter and just before Exmouth on the coast. The river here is broad and also tidal. It is clearly a very desirable location and walking down this street you will pass many quite grand properties crammed along the way. What is particularly nice is that there are little alleyways down to the water’s edge (for launching boats), which allow one to get to the shore. Here one can dip ones toes in the water and also to scratch around in the detritus at the high water mark.

When you are done ambling, try the Pig&Pallet. It is a Charcuterie-Deli-Bar & Smokehouse. Very nice place to enjoy a livener in a cool and unpretentious place.

Here are a few photos….. of boats….the river…..and some detritus!!

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Now then. You may not realise it, but in the big wide world there are whole communities of kind folk who scour beaches for sea glass and broken pottery from which to create beach art. To them, we say, ‘get to Topsham!’

The little foreshores (at each slipway) are covered in fragments of stuff. Presumably the proximity to Exeter, which has been populated since…. like….. ages ago…  has lead to the river being full of human debris of old. Hence masses of shards of pottery, ceramics, terracotta etc. all washed up – some of it more interesting than others. If this doesn’t float your boat, try the Pig&Pallet.


Grateful thanks and acknowledgement to Rosemount wine for the inspiration for this blog.

If Rosemount would like to pass their grateful thanks to Coleshed, just shout and we can supply the address of Coleshed HQ, so that loads of wine can be sent. Thx.




2 thoughts on “Topsham Quay – rich and silky just like a Shiraz Grenache Tempranillo

  1. Devon has a fabulous coastline. Every stretch has a different characteristic dependent on the aspect, topography and the underlying geology. wonderful place to explore. :)

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