Shore vs Moore?

If you Walk along Rickham Sands as the tide goes out you will see large, sea-sculpted, green rocks sitting majestically on the golden sand. The have irregular forms with protrusions and holes in them. Some are large (as a car), some are much smaller – like a Shetland pony or perhaps a medium sized sheep.
Walking further along the beach the falling tide also reveals passageways between massive walls of green rock at the edge of the beach. These entice you to explore. The sides are polished smooth and glisten when wet. It is a dramatic scene. Dark algae grows on the face of the rocks, but not on the seaward facing edges; where the rocks have and irregular cleaved face, this means the algae leave distinct stripes of bare rock. This is striking; not so much ‘pony’ as ‘zebra’.

With everything looking so sculpted, a vigorous debate was recently had amid the Coleshed team. This has raised a big question:

Is nature better at sculpture than man?

The sculptural quality of the rocks here brings to mind Henry Moore.
But, what do we prefer? Shore or Moore?

Now as it happens Coleshed visited Henry Moore’s home at Perry Green in Hertfordshire some time ago, so rooting around the photos allows us to provide some examples to compare and contrast. So here we have it:

Rickham Sands, Nr East Prawle
Tranquil, golden sands, exploration, glistening rocks, natural forms

Hoglands, Perry Green
Tranquil, grassy lawns, exploration, shining brass, natural forms


and some more images…



….this town ain’t big enough for the both of us!




3 thoughts on “Shore vs Moore?

  1. I visited the Yorkshire Sculpture Park to draw works by Henry Moore as part of my degree. These are the kind of sculptures I like but I think ‘Mother Nature’ wins this time.

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