The Joys Of Spring – Fluffy lambs and Fiddlehead-Ferns

Stepping out into the April sunshine on Thursday morning this week we were transported a millions miles from all talk of Brexit and elections and scandal and atrocity…

…for today only, Coleshed brings you photos of fluffy lambs*. These little fellas were at the gate looking at me and El Doggio as we drifted past. Their plaintive bleating seemed to be more about wanting food than to engage in sparkling wit and repartee.

One can imagine the local urchins giving them cute names, so in this tradition we came up with names too: Thunderbolt and Tsunami.

Onwards past our new friends and spring is really springing!

As regular readers, you both know that Coleshed loves a bit of close up nature, and today it was all the ferns lining the lanes that caught the eye. I only recently heard the term ‘fiddlehead’ ** to describe the gorgeous unfurling of the ferns tip. And the shape is totally reminiscent of the top of a violin.

And I can’t not mention the banks smothered in Ramsons creating thousands of little white star bursts…


And the fabulous Red Campion..


So go outside this weekend. Enjoy the Spring.



*shameless attempt to attract more readers.

** thank you Richard Fortey in his excellent book The Wood For The Trees



6 thoughts on “The Joys Of Spring – Fluffy lambs and Fiddlehead-Ferns

  1. Thanks for these Spring images Pete. Here’s a couple from Brill; white violets in swathes, and celandines on South Hills.

    Cheers Pete

    1. Cheers Pete. April has been wonderful again this year. Fabulous for violets here. Sounds like it’s been fab for you. Found a slow worm two days ago and a toad last week. It augers well !! Eye of frog and toe of newt etc etc

    1. What is spring like in SC? Do you go out into the countryside? Or is it full of snakes and bears!! I remember when we were in NC when I was a child having a very small garter snake wriggle right between my feet as I was walking up the road. I think I was probably more scared than excited even though it was only tiny!

      1. We have been out and about enjoying the nice weather (which I think arrived in January, maybe it never went away?!). Can’t say we’ve been to the country as such. Visited a few state parks, the beach etc but no bears or snakes encountered! Although there was a snake on our path when I opened the front door last week! It was a bit of a shock!! Not the dangerous sort and my one and only sighting…so far.

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