Gazing Upwards part 2

Hello Clouds, Hello Sky…… So said Basil Fotherington Thomas …. as any fule kno*

Well once again Coleshed has been risking life and limb by walking around looking upwards. It could be a health and safety nightmare.

However, fear not. No harm done. No toes were stubbed, no ankles twisted, nor were shins scuffed in the making of this blog post.

The action returns one more to Dartington Hall and stars, once again, more fab trees. (Molesworth would not be impressed).

Firstly: startling Japanese maples (Acer sp.)


Secondly, the wonderful pocket handkerchief tree (Davidia involucrata):


The tree craze continues….. next instalment to follow :)


*kind acknowledgement to Nigel Molesworth Down With Skool


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