Devon not Dystopia

Part 1

How frustrating! The creeping controls. Are they looking at me? Do they know where I am? Do they know what I’m doing?

Well, in truth probably not.

This is Devon not Dystopia; and I doubt anyone cares what Team Coleshed is up to.

This question arose following a software update on the iPhone. The dictation function is a favourite convenience and a fantastic way of capturing quick notes….. …..But suddenly something has changed…… It is no longer a given function, it needs approval first. And why? Because Apple want your location and contacts and the names of your photo albums etc etc…

You_Doodle+_2017-06-10T19_05_25ZSo what? Who cares? Whats the problem?

Well….. it just sort of seems wrong? 

So we took a straw poll at Coleshed amongst all the writers, producers, researchers and other support functions within the team. What did we find?

It is a generational thing. Young people see it as normal and completely ok. Older people see it as an invasion of privacy and are uncomfortable.

As was pointed out earlier, this blog is rather more Devon than Dystopia and we are unlikely to be on a GCHQ or CIA watch list.

Conclusion: Activate the dictation function, and let Apple enjoy the psycho-babble.

Part 2

We don’t normally do TV reviews, but have you seen The Handmaiden’s Tale ?

Margaret Atwood’s classic (it’s a 6th form English literature text after all) dystopian tale has been made into a TV series.

It is fantastic. The best thing on TV by a mile. The best thing you will watch all year.

It is both chilling and uncomfortable; but incredibly compelling. The whole style and way it is filmed is just brilliant, allowing you to get inside the head of the main character and feel like you are in the whole nightmarish scenario. Except of course you can be sitting your sofa eating prawn cocktail flavour crisps.

Dont wait, just watch it. We are watching it on catch up, 2 episodes in.



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