Coffee and Croissants?

IMG_7551We were in the vet the other day. It was one of those fantastic, blisteringly hot days. You know the temperature gauge was right up there, nudging 26 (well hot for Blighty anyway!).
Standing at the vet’s reception desk (it’s a job to remember if we were settling up for the anti tick treatment or was it the anal gland treatment ? it was definitely something delightful)…..

and as we finished the receptionist chirped “have a great day”.
“thank you” I sighed…. and then, sounding gloomy “but its going to be a hot one”

What I meant of course was: ‘Jeezlouise, it’s so hot I can’t do anything today’

However she didn’t see this subtle moaning; what came back was even more chirpy: “I know, I can’t wait to finish later” followed by.. “WooHoo! Yay!”

Wow! a full on WOOHOO followed by a YAY. We walked out feeling chastened. There was a lesson here. Don’t get all grumpy about the hot weather. Live life. So what if you get a bit hot. Embrace it! Go swimming in the river! Go to the beach! Sit in the shade watch the world go by….

And so with this in mind how about popping to Dartmouth. Dartmouth Castle lies at the head of the river mouth facing both the sea and also back to the town. On a beautiful morning, a perfect place for taking in the views. So cannons and castellations, followed by coffee and croissants? A fabulous alliterative feast for both eyes and stomach!
In truth Coleshed isn’t quite as sofistikated and continental as Coffee and Croissants, we’re a bit more mug of Yorkshire tea and a toasted teacake! But hey! that was available too, so that is what we had .




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    1. Dear Dr. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Your comment will be filed for future reference. Quite possibly a long time in the future :)

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