Caught in a storm

As regular readers of this blog have probably never noticed(!) Coleshed posts often include musical references; lyrics or song titles. Well more songs entered our heads earlier this week, and whilst so many might have been appropriate, these are the ones that came to mind at the time…..

We found ourselves walking along the sands at Dawlish Warren with El Doggio in tow. Lets face it the weather has been a mite unsettled lately; and on this day it soon became very obvious that it was about to ‘absolutely lash it down’.


Storm clouds over Dawlish Warren

The thunderous classic Stormbringer was the first song to come to mind. The black clouds gathered behind us blocking any chance of escape to the car park.

We were the only ones on the beach. Said dog was leaping about in the waves and running up and down alongside the groynes; she’s a smart cookie, but was oblivious to the impending storm.

Then it came. The rain came first. Becoming heavier before turning to stinging hail. Gimme Shelter popped into my head, all swirling guitars and gathering intensity. We hopped over one of the groynes and sheltered under the lea of a tall section. To my surprise El Doggio actually lay down on the sand out of the hail – quite smart after all.


Hailstones on the beach


El Doggio taking shelter and letting the squall blow over

And then as soon as it came, it passed. Blowing over very quickly. We dusted ourselves off and headed back towards the carpark. But the show was not quite over… because suddenly the sun came out, lighting up Exmouth behind us and treating us to a rainbow beneath the dark clouds.


(Double) Rainbow over Exmouth


Rainbow shining from the dark clouds as they move away

And so back to the car, travelling home with the radio on. What do we find ourselves humming along to? A Change Is Gonna Come.

Marvellous. Could this be a sign? an augury? better weather? The amount of rain in January has been pretty significant. WE’RE READY FOR CHANGE. COME ON SPRING SUNSHINE. COME ON!!!


Teignmouth Pier


These were the actual songs drifting through my empty head on the day. They weren’t selected post-walk and pre-post !

How odd that they are from such a narrow era; and nothing new? none less than 40+years old!

Stormbringer – Deep Purple 1974; Gimme Shelter -The Rolling Stones 1969; A Change Is Gonna Come – Sam Cooke 1964

4 thoughts on “Caught in a storm

  1. great theme, amazing photos. especially love the hail pics. and is that a cumulonimbus cloud over Teignmouth? gonna fire up your playlist on Spotify!

    1. Groynes arewhat we call the big wooden structures that run down the beach from the high tide line down into the water below low tidewater line. They are to slow the movement and erosion of the sand laterally down the beach. They tend to be massive, made of huge wooden piles with very heavy ‘planks’ between them like railway sleepers.
      I guess you have something similar in The States, just called something else!

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