Life washed up by the storms

A strong easterly wind is a fairly infrequent occurence. The combination of high tides and this east wind has caused a few problems hereabouts, with flooding and battered coasts.

It seemed sense to nip down to the beach and check it out.

Apologies but due to torrential rain there are not many photos……. however there was clearly a big storm impact. Lots of sand had been stripped off the beach and there had obviously been turmoil in the bay.

The beach was littered with burrowing bivalve molluscs, mostly still alive. Whilst finding razor shells is a common enough occurrence, I have never seen hundreds of living pod-razors lying on a beach. And not just razors, also masses of living otter shells and prickly cockles. All of these are fairly big species, just thrown up onto the beach or between the rocks.


4 thoughts on “Life washed up by the storms

  1. I’m sure most beach walkers don’t realise that most of these bivalve molluscs along with species such as necklace shells live beneath the sand.
    It was certainly interesting. I wish I had arrived earlier as the tide was coming in fast so I had missed the lowest point.

  2. Ah, this was really interesting! Always a shame when life gets washed up after storms but always so interesting to see more of these creatures a bit more closely! – Tasha

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