Evening light at Kingswear


You may not realise the lengths that team Coleshed has to go to to bring you this blog. For instance, your correspondent diligently went to the pub before taking these photographs this evening.

Why? Well, knowing that you, Dear Reader, would be a stickler for the ‘right light’, it seemed appropriate to have a swift livener whilst the sun went down a notch.

… and so, another glorious evening. More fabulous, reflected light, on water.

It’s all rather mindful.

Enjoy the moment. It was worth it.

….another pint anyone?



The view across the marina and up The Dart from Kingswear


Across to Dartmouth


The boat-sling at the marina in Kingswear


Looking across to Dartmouth Naval College


(Sorry about the snaps. To be honest it had started to get a little dark – I ended up having to ratchet up the exposure. Stretching the abilities of a mobile phone).


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