Reflections of Portugal #5 (or 6, or thereabouts)

There is a very lovely town called Silves in the far south of Portugal. It is inland from the coast heading into the hills.

Silves is dominated by a moorish castle built in a rich red stone. The outside walls are intact – and although the original structures inside the castle, are no longer there, some kind soul has built a very nice cafe. They’ve placed it right in the middle, and at this cafe there are lovely kind people, serving ice cold drinks. I’d hate you to imagine that Team Coleshed was not interested in the history of this region, however you must understand it was very hot when this visit was made! So we sat and drank homemade coolers.

The photos below were taken of six sculptures which were being displayed as part of a sculpture competition. They are all rather different from each other but each shows great skill and imagination.


This is a cork producing region. The two sculptures in the photos directly above and below celebrate the cork!


Then we have human form….


The final sculpture below is our favourite. Also celebrating cork production – it illustrates the way that the bark is stripped from the cork oaks in great sheets. The trees are then left for nine years between harvests. They look rather naked after harvesting – rather in the way of newly shorn sheep.


The artistry is rather brilliant. Fabulous perspective; looking under the canopy, with the trees diminishing in size to the rear.

I hope this last one won.

….But  of course everyone like different things. You may have admired the others more?  To stand a chance* of winning a huge prize (and a trip to outer space), please submit your favourite to:

There is Not a Cat in Hell’s Chance of Winning a Prize
PO Box 999
Coleshed Towers

*no chance


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