Tricky Little Fungus!

Well we had never heard of the Hare’s Foot Ink-Cap (Coprinopsis lagopus)….. and now I know why.

Deep in the extensive grounds of Coleshed’s HQ….. (ok, that is slightly overstated. But then it sounds so much more prosaic to say ‘in the corner of the garden’….) ….and nesting undisturbed amongst fallen timber…. (you get the picture – there were definitely twigs in the vicinity!) we found some unusual looking fungi.

This was a couple of weeks ago, after the rain broke the long dry spell. It seemed very early for fungi, but clearly the weather pattern has been different and must have brought this on.

It started one evening with little caps pushing through the soil…

.. a-ha! these look promising… (thoughts returning to the Lawyers Wig posts from November last year Fabulous fungi and Deliquescent Delights (or The Lawyer’s Wig Part 2))


It is fantastic how they are forcing their way through the soil. Pushing the soil and detritus out of their way.

The very next evening anticipation was high – what would be there?

Well… it was all over..



Talk about disappointed!

What is going on!

Well, the word ephemeral was practically invented for the Hare’s Foot Ink Cap.


adj:  eff-em-err-al

meaning: ‘not surviving long enough the following day for you to go out and grab a photo’

Coleshed English Dictionary

Those little fungi come up, they do their thing, and then they fade away.

All inside 24 hours.

However, good news; subsequent days allowed multiple opportunities to capture this cycle.

The mature stage is very cool. They are silvery grey in colour and practically translucent. They are also very delicate and finely ribbed – like little inverted oriental umbrellas.


Having read up a little, it seems this species is not uncommon. But it is very easy to miss.

Who knows? somewhere in your own patch, you may have these little wonders.


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