It might be edible – but I’m not going to eat it.

There are plenty of people who would dive in!

But I’m not one of them !!

Following on from the last Coleshed post Tricky Little Fungus! there are other fungi to be found at Coleshed Towers. Not least these rather handsome Boletus-y type specimens.

I dare say they would have been delicious – but I cannot be certain exactly what they are! So I am throwing this open to you dear readers to help; who can give a learned response?

(they were found beneath poplar trees if this is relevant)


…. and there is more…

Close by the previous fungi were these glorious little numbers.

Very individual and probably easy to identify if you know what you’re looking at (and I have not had the time or patience – alas).

I cannot decide whether these look delicious is a Morel-y kind of way, or deadly in a Death Cap-ish fashion!

Again, it is over to you dear readers to assist in the identification :)

(found beneath Oak)


They think its all over…..

It is now:


9 thoughts on “It might be edible – but I’m not going to eat it.

  1. The first one is known as the Sous Poplar Mushroom and is highly toxic. The second is the Yellow Venus Mushroom and is completely safe to eat – very delicious in fact (please see disclaimer below).

    As ever, your faithful servant


    Disclaimer: you may die if you eat any of these mushrooms. You may not, but then again you might. They may also taste like poo.

    1. Interesting comments – Though i am concerned about their reliability. LOL.
      The “SousPoplar“ is a highly imaginative name for a mushroom found under a poplar. Nice.
      As for the “Yellow Venus” i wondered whether infact it was the “Yellow-honeycomb-underneath-an-oak fungus” .. its gone now, so we’ll never know…

  2. Your great wisdom matches your years ColesHed. Good to leave those things be.
    Not morelly enough.
    Have been enjoying mushrooms from Brian’s field. Rose assured us they were safe. Plain Jane mushrooms but exciting enough to forage.

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