La Setas Sevilla

Thanks to my correspodent TVig who commented on the architectural qualities of the Hare’s Foot Ink Caps, that I posted the other day.

Nature’s designs are so damn cool !

These comments reminded me of a trip to visit La Setas Sevilla (The Seville Mushrooms) otherwise known as the Metropol Parasol in Seville, Spain.

It is a truly spectacular place. The structure is made almost entirely of wood , and claims to be the largest wooden structure in the world….

As it gets dark, later in the evening, the whole thing is spot lit which heightens the juxtaposition with the surrounding buildings. There is an amazing walk way around the top which surely gives some of the most incredible views across the city.


Apologies. These photos are not the best. Once again snapped from a mobile – somewhat grainy especially in low light.

I think that may be why I hadn’t shared them previously – but somehow rather topical now.

If you get the chance, Seville is fab.


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