Pudding perfection

A question of perfection?

What is it that makes an amazing meal memorable?

Down the years the Coleshed team has been lucky enough to have eaten in a few nice places. However looking back it seems that, on the whole, it is the exceptional places; the special occasions; or the vibrant company,  that stick in the mind rather than the food itself.

But today I share an exception.

A pudding so sublime that it eclipsed the occasion itself!

I bring you, Dear Reader;

The Parisian Raspberry Millefeuille.


By The Gods!   Mon Dieu!   Flippin’ Heck!


Feast your eyes:


This was absolutely incredible, utterly incroyable and bloody lovely to boot….

Sorry there are not more photos.

I licked the plate.



…and if you were wondering…

the main course wasn’t too shabby either…..

Footnote (& word to the wise):

It is possible to eat too many whelks*

(*Buccinum undatum Linnaeus, 1758.)


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