Positively Primeval

It is very tempting to blame that vainglorious idiot in the White House.

We have had colossal rain in Devon these past few weeks/months, which have followed that long and very dry summer. If this isn’t climate change then I’ll eat my damn blog!

Sometimes you just have to get on with it, and last Sunday was one of those days. They say; there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. But my waterproof trousers leak; so perhaps you can have bad weather and bad clothing?

The woods along The River Dart have been absolutely saturated. The trunks of the trees are green with moss and drip into the pools of standing water below.



As we walked / trudged along the path it was easy to imagine that this was some primordial landscape, and that at any moment some primitive beast would emerge as if in some scene from Jurassic Park.


Swamp Dog

The reward for this walk was to get to a favourite waterfall. Normally pretty gentle, but today in full spate, crashing down the hillside to the river far below.


We stopped a while to take photos and watch the tumbling crashing water. The photos are a bit poor, but it’s a bit of a challenge – wet hands, pouring rain, touchscreen mobile – hopeless!

It was a good place to turn around and retrace our steps. We walked back wet and happy, only to have one last surprise. We had stopped to look down at the river from a gap in the trees. There is an island at one point where the river divides, and on this island is a sandbank. As we stood looking down we realised that below us by the water’s edge there was a flock of Mandarin ducks. Very unexpected, rather exotic and slightly incongruous. Normally you’d see these on an ornamental pond in a public park! These had obviously naturalised and had found this idylic spot.

If you zoom in on the photo you will still not be able to make them out!

Just look on-line :)


…. and finally…. Coleshed is taking these ducks as a symbol of good luck. Who knows what it might mean? Impeachment? Fingers crossed.





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