Blowing a gale up at Avon Dam

You could hear the water before you could see it.

The distant roar meant it had to be cascading over the top and crashing down the front of the dam.

As we got closer we could see the waves, great sheets of water, being blown by the westerlies, sideways down the overspill.

The first view of Avon Dam as you approach on the upper path
Waves sweeping from left to right and crashing in curtains of water down the overspill
The majestic sweep of the dam under a perfect blue sky
Choppy waters inside the dam wall
The wind whipping up waves across the water
A great place to sit and watch the clouds scudding past

I know why it was such a fab walk.

I packed my waterproofs.

Without them in my rucksac it would have poured relentlessly. That’s sod’s law in reverse :)

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