Coleshed is a loose collective which has been kicking around since the early nineties.

The Coleshed blog site is a more recent effort. A selection of observation and comment, it is about slowing down, enjoying the moment and not taking life too seriously.

Simple pleasures are a core theme. The aim is to get away from the superficial world of chew-it-up-and-throw-it-away and from everything being faster-faster-faster; to an emphasis on having a simpler but higher quality perspective on living.

Taking joy in the small things is also core. There is a nice a quote by Fredrik Sjoberg in The Fly Trap: “the more glosses you know, the richer the experience becomes..”.  The word ‘Glosses’ refers to explanatory notes (as in the word glossary); and so, the more you understand the detail, the more you get from the experience.

Hence slowing down and observing the detail.

Its obvious really to anyone with a passion. Whether it  is a passion for art or sport or science, whether it is high culture or low culture; whatever it is, the more you put into it, the more you can get out of it.

At Coleshed we like low culture and we like high culture; but not train-spotting, nor antiques, nor football, nor classical music!

You might enjoy Coleshed’s observations. The again you might not.




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